21 Oct 2017

1. General Situation

On 20th October 2017 (at 0500 LT) Typhoon LAN was located around 18.3°N 130.0°E to the East of the Philippines, moving North at 15 km/h with maximum wind gust speed of 140 km/h near the centre. Typhoon LAN is expected to continue moving North, that is further away from our region.

2. Brunei Darussalam Weather Outlook

The side effect of Typhoon system is expected to continue to influence the weather condition of Brunei Darussalam, today (20th October 2017) until 23rd October 2017, where the country will experience wet conditions with showers, heavy and windy at times, where the wind gusts may reach 50-60 km/h. The wave height over Brunei Waters may also increase from Moderate to Rough conditions of up to 3.0 m.

3. Advisory

We would like to advise the general public, motorists, and mariners to take necessary steps and precautions to ensure safety, especially on the unsettled weather conditions that the country currently experiences.
We shall continue to monitor on the development and track of Typhoon LAN closely and will issue appropriate weather advisory or warnings if necessary. We also like to advise the public to get latest weather update by visiting our website at or follow our Facebook (bruneiweather), Instagram (@bruneiweather) and Brunei WX mobile application. The public may also contact Duty Meteorological Forecaster at our Weather Forecast Office, through our Weather Line 114.
Wallahualam Bissawab.

Issued by
Weather Services Division
Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department
Ministry of Communications
29 Muharram 1439 / 20 Oktober 2017
Ruj: WSD/PR/08/2017